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According to 'The Times Educational Supplement', we have "the most visited school website in the Country. Riding high in the UK's most popular education websites chart is one lone school. ... According to the website popularity monitor, Hitwise UK, for the week ending February 3 2007 it was the third most popular site for an education institution, behind the University of Aberdeen and the Open University, but ahead of learndirect."

Website Usage

We monitor how our website is used by visitors each month, to help make continuous improvements to our website.

March 2008
March 2008 Visitors

The first table below is updated monthly and shows high-level website activity across the website.

2008 Total visits Unique visitors Page views
January 2,566,197 1,770,558 12,861,947
February 2,866,043 2,042,094 13,712,200
March 3,055,961 2,183,373 14,372,732

Total number of visitors in 2007

21,726,092 Total Visits
13,053,535 Absolute Unique Visitors
110,137,902 Pageviews

2007 Total visits Unique visitors Page views
January 1,680,821 1,178,994 7,394,688
February 1,784,699 1,291,981 7,286,105
March 2,221,226 1,552,170 9,156,131
April 1,664,955 1,212,940 6,932,051
May 2,007,784 1,330,564 9,107,754
June 1,376,633 939,420 8,130,892
July 1,046,733 749,154 6,902,980
August 758,737 583,605 4,676,205
September 1,676,166 1,183,511 9,627,531
October 2,248,321 1,584,456 11,608,295
November 2,698,087 1,824,869 13,811,101
December 2,561,930 1,746,085 15,504,181

Who are we?

We are a junior school (primary) in England. Our students are aged between 7 and 11 years.

Where are we?

Our school is in the south-east corner of England, in the county of Kent. We are in England, Great Britain and the UK.
We are also in Europe.

Frequently asked Questions

How did you make your website?

Woodlands Web was started as a hobby by Mandy Barrow, who knew little about computers and designing a website. Over the years her knowledge of web designing has grown alongside our ever growing website still run by Mandy.0

The Woodlands Junior website reflects Mandy's interests. She is especially keen on keeping British culture and history alive. This is seen through the huge section on British life and culture crammed full of photographs (another hobby of Mandy's).

For information on how Mandy started the site and on how to create your own website please visit our Internet Lessons.

Who runs your website?

The website is run by Mandy Barrow, a former teacher at the school. The website is not funded by the school, the majority of the site has been created in Mandy's own time.

Mandy left in 2004 to train teachers in ICT for Kent LA, but continues to regularly update and add more pages to our ever growing website.

Without Mandy, we would not have such a successful site as we have today. We are very grateful for the many hours of work she puts into the site, especially as she does so with no cost to the school.

Our school also plays a small part in helping to run the site. Alison, a teaching assistant at Woodlands, updates the school diary and school office pages.

How often is the website updated?

Mandy is always updating and adding something new to the website. The main sections which are updated regularly are the Homework Help, Interactive Zones and the British Culture sections.

The biggest and most recent addition to the website is a virtual trip with Winnie the Pooh down the River Thames. It contains over 500 photographs on 100 pages and took four months to complete.

How should I include your websites in my bibliography?

Barrow, Mandy. "Title of page goes here."

Woodlands Web. http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/add page address (date visited ).

Author of page, last name first, followed by a fullstop.
Title of page in quotes, followed by a fullstop.
Title of the entire website, underlined, followed by a fullstop.
The full URL address of the page, beginning with http://, followed by the date you visited the site in parentheses, followed by a fullstop.

How can I put games on my website?

We have created a step by step guide on how to do this on our Internet Lessons pages.

Have you won any awards?

Yes - you can see what we have been awarded on our 'Awards' page. But the best awards/rewards are from our vistors who leave messages in our guestbookand/or send emails.

Do you have a site policy?

Yes, please take a look at our policy.

Can I advertise or sponsor Woodlands Web?

Yes! Woodlands Web is the perfect place to advertise your product to the Educational world.

We want to share our success. We have a hugely popular website which has a high ranking in Google.

We are looking for companies to sponsor pages, which will give us a regular income to improve the ICT in our school but at the same time will not influence our students in a bad way.

Comments and Suggestions

We would greatly welcome your comments and suggestions as we continue to improve the way we deliver information to you. (Contact Us )

We would especially be interested to hear:

  • What additional information you would find useful on the site?
  • How easy was it to navigate through, and any suggestions for improvements?
  • What you enjoyed most about the site.
  • If you were looking for specific information, what were you looking for and did you find it? If so, did you find it quickly?

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