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  Animals and the Environment

World Wildlife

Kids Planet

Birds Brains

World Wildlife
Included here are games, quizzes and all sorts activities. In the 'virtual house' enter rooms to find out about
endangered animals, threats to the environment, and biodiversity.

Equine World UK
Horses and Ponies. Find out about the different markings on a horse and what they are called.

Horse Fun
There are horse quizzes and puzzles, stories and poems about horses and lots of help with horse problems.

Kids Planet
Check out fact sheets on all kinds of animals, play wild games, and learn about
world wide wolves! Find out also what you can do to help save endangered species such as the shy giant panda or the rhino.

Tiger Adventures and Activities
Learn about
tigers by pursuing a runaway tiger, planning a zoo exhibit, tracking down tiger poachers, and more! Cool!

Birds Brains
Read fascinating facts about

Animal Doctor
Learn to be a
junior vet with this interactive site. Ask questions and get answers from real vets.

Shark Tank
Find out all about
sharks. Get acquainted with the Goblin, Hammer, Great White, and Spiny Dogfish.

Animal Land
Read interesting and heart-warming stories, explore animal jobs, learn how to properly care for pets, and more.

Animal Doctor

Shark Tank

Animal Land