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Six Calendars of Special Days and Festivals


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Festival and notable dates in the Uk
All year round
image: facts
All Year Round
Facts, Folklore, Superstitions

Calendar of dates and information on the Unusual Customs and Traditions
Multi cultural calendar
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Christian Church Festivals
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Church Year
Christian Festivals
Quick Links
January February March April
New Years Day Candlemas Day St David's Day April Fools Day
Twelfth Night Valentines Day St Patrick's Day Easter
Plough Monday Shrove Tuesday Mothers' Day St George's Day
  Ash Wednesday    
May June July August
May Day Trooping the Colours Swan Upping Lammas
Well Dressing Well Dressing Well Dressing Notting Hill Carnival
  Fathers Day    
September October November December
Harvest Festival Halloween All Souls Day Advent
    All Saints Day Stir Up Sunday
    Bonfire Night Christmas
    Remembrance Day Boxing Day
    St Andrew's Day  


Click here to follow us on TwitterA few comments from visitors:

"I am and American citizen and astounded by your wonderful website! It is not only informative but kept so up to date that I constantly refer to it, especially the calendar. The pupils of your school are indeed lucky and the site reflects the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff and students. I hope the site continues for many years." Charles, USA, Atlanta

"I was searching the web yesterday for a website that would give me a calendar of significant days and weeks throughout the year. I was really struggling until I came across your website and was instantly blown away. I know you have already received lots of praise for your efforts but your site is the most impressive schools website I have seen. Often the amount of time and effort put into creating such a resource is not matched by its usefulness. Your calendars in particular are second to none. Thank you and well done." David, Deputy Headteacher

"EXCELLENT information of the customs and traditions of Great Britain........some of which are in danger of being lost or forgotten forever. THANKS for such an interesting site! " Karen

"As a childminder I like to celebrate festivals and awareness days with the little ones. This was the best and most comprehensive list I found on the net."
Mandy, England

"Information about awareness days and special dates to help me plan my youth work programme."
Sue, North Yorkshire, England

"I am British but now living in the US. I needed to know when Mothers' Day is in the UK. (In the USA it is always in May. In 2007 it is on May 13 this year. I didn't want my mother to think I had forgotten her - in March! Now she'll get two cards - one in March and one in May but she deserves to be applauded twice!"
Naomi, Washington DC, USA

"Thank you for all the information i have found relating to feasts and festivals as a teacher it has given me an insite to the history i needed to teach to primary children" Julie, Northampton England

"This is a fantastic website. I am a headteacher planning this terms assemblies and came accross your site through REonline. It is full of useful well presented information. I can use a lot of it in my assemblies and I will be recommending that my staff use it with children. We are an infant school but the way you present the information is so accessible that I feel we could use it. Thank you."
Marie, Shrewsbury, England.

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Events and special days in the UK
British Life
Pooh down the River Thames

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