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British Special Days July 2010
Holidays in the UK

July 2010
Facts and Sayings about July | Interactive Calendars 2010

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Well Dressing - Derbyshire
image: well dressingWells are dressed with large framed panels decorated with elaborate mosaic-like pictures made of flower petals, seeds, grasses, leaves, tree bark, berries and moss.
May -Sept May -Sept May -Sept
Henley Royal Regatta
The River Thames and the town of Henley on Thames are transformed into one large sporting and social arena where the world's best rowers compete.
1 - 5 July
30th Jun - 4th Jul  
Tynwald Day
Tynwald Day is the national holiday of the Isle of Man (Isle of Man: One of the British Isles in the Irish Sea).
5 July 5 July 5 July
FIFA World Cup Final
Soccer City is the venue for FIFA World Cup Final - South Africa
  11 July  

Orange Men's Day (Northern Ireland)
Protestant Irish march with drums and pipes to commemorate the Battle of Boyne, which occurred on Ireland’s east coast in 1690. In Northern Ireland, it is a bank holiday. Schools and many businesses and organizations are closed. Some sops may be closed. Public transport services may run on their regular or special holiday timetables

In 1690, William III of England defeated the exiled Catholic king James II at the Battle of the Boyne. James, who had been in France, had invaded Ireland with French troops.

Men wear orange sashes and black suits and bowler hats. Orange Day marches also take place in Birmingham and Liverpool, and in some parts of Canada, for example."

This day is known as "Orangemen's Day", "Orange Day", "the Glorious Twelfth" or just "the Twelfth". The day falls on July 12. However, if July 12 is a Saturday or Sunday, the bank holiday falls on Monday, July 13 or 14.

12 July 12 July 12 July

Swan Upping
The census of swans takes place annually during July on the River Thames in a ceremony known as Swan Upping. Swans are counted and marked on a 70 mile, five day journey up the River Thames.

image: swan pping

The Swan Upping event commences on the third Monday at Sunbury and ending at Abingdon on the Friday.

20-24 July

19 - 23 July TBC  
St. Swithun's Day (Also known as St Swithin's Day) Saint Swithin was England’s Bishop of Winchester.
40 days of bad weather will follow if it rains on this day
15 July 15 July 15 July

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