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Mother's Day around the World
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What is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is a special day in the honour of mothers. On Mother's Day, children around the world play tribute to their mothers and thank them for all that they do for them.

Mother's Day is celebrated is around the world on different dates.

Mother's Day dates around the World

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Mother's Day in flagNorway is the second Sunday in February


8th March
In flagBulgaria Mother's Day is fixed and always celebrated on 8 March, along with International Women's Day.

Azerbaijan"In flagAzerbaijan, where I live, the important day is 8 March, International Women's day. It is a Public Holiday for Men and Women and gifts (of cakes, flowers or anything else appropriate)can be given to all women in your life. For your mother, your sister, your secretary and your cleaner. Some of the shop windows before International Women's Day look a little like just before St Valentines in the UK, with lots of roses and hearts."


Mother's Day in the flagUK always falls on the fourth Sunday in the Christian festival of Lent. The day is called Mothering Sunday.

"I am English, living in flagFrance and on the same day that Mothering Sunday is celebrated in the UK, it is Grandmother's Day here and lots of flowers are given to Mamie (French for grandma) by her grandchildren."


First Sunday in May (3rd in 2009)
Mother's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in May in:




Second Sunday in May (10th in 2009)
Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in:













flagUnited States

"Here in flag Australia, when we go to church on Mothers Day, which is the 2nd Sunday in May. Mums get presented with small handmade items, like flowers or bookmarks. I have a bookmark that has some pretty beads threaded onto a length of plaited embroidery silks." Linda

"In flag Canada Mothers Day is the second Sunday in May and children often makes cards and small gifts for mum at school and/or Church. Pretty much celebrated like the US."

10 May
Mother's Day is always celebrated on 10 May in:


flagHong Kong





flagSaudi Arabia


flagUnited Arab Emirates

26 May

Mother's Day in flag Poland

Last Sunday in May

flagFrance flagSweden


12 August

Mother's Day in Thailand is celebrated on the Queen of Thailand's birthday. It is a big celebration with street decorations.

"In flagThailand, Mothers Day falls on 12 August of every year as we celebrate our beloved Queen Sirikit's birth anniversary. It is also a national holiday, and people normally give presents or cards to their mother and some also take her out to a nice meal as a special treat and thanksgiving for her never failing affection and life-long sacrifice.

There are also street decorations to celebrate Queen Sirikit's birthday, and people and official places will put up the national flag to mark the event. The Queen herself will make public appearance and give a special speech to people in the early evening, which is broadcast live to those who are not fortunate enough to attend the ceremony. It's a very special day all in all, as the significance of motherhood realised in every culture testifies."

15 August

Antwaerp"Here in the Province of Antwerp (not Belgium as a whole!) Mothers Day is celebrated on 15 August - the Day of the Assumption, when Mary Mother of Jesus was taken up into Heaven. I believe it is also celebrated on 15 August in Costa Rica." Angela


Mother's Day in flagArgentina is the third Sunday in October (18th in 2009)


How and when do you celebrate Mother's Day in your country?

UK Mother's Day


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