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Questions You have asked us about England

This section has been put together for children who are learning about England as part of a school project. Students have sent us an emails with their questions. We have put the most popular asked questions on this page.

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More questions sent in by Venu Rao

1. What should the first visitor to the Scottish house after midnight on New Year's Eve bring to the hosts? (Look for the Door Custom)

2. What is New Year's Eve called in Scotland?

3. Who is the patron saint of Wales?

4. November the 5th is celebrated with bonfires and fireworks all over Britain? What happened on this day in 1605?

5. Shrove Tuesday happens just before the pre-Easter fast, Lent. Which food is traditionally eaten on this day in Britain?

6. Crufts has been an annual show for over 100 years, for what?

7. Remembrace Sunday is held on the closest Sunday to November 11th each year. What or Who is remembered?

8. In Britain, at Easter there are two bank holidays, Easter monday and what is the other holiday?

9. What is the definition of a White Christmas in Britain?

10. What is the traditional all male party for a man about to get married in Britain is called?

What is the United Kingdom's full name?

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