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British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales
Woodlands Junior School is in the south-east corner of England
UK and the USA
Full Name
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Facts about the UK
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United States of America
  Island Large Land Mass
North America
Th Queen
Constitutional monarchy
Barack Obama
Constitution-based federal republic

Head of State
Queen Elizabeth II

Head of Government
The Rt. Hon David Cameron, MP

Barack Obama

as from 20 January 2009

Government Parliament Congress
British Flag
US Flag
Sterling pound (£ 1 pound = 100 pence) USA Dollar (USD) ( $ 1 dollar = 100 cents)
National Anthem

God Save the Queen

Click here for the history and lyrics of God Save the Queen.

The Star Spangled Banner
Language British English American English
Capital City London Washington D.C.
Total land area (
244,110 sq km
(94,251 sq mi)
9,826,630 sq km
(3,794,083 sq mi)
Arable Land
Highest mountain
Ben Nevis 1343m
Mount McKinley (Denali) (6,194 m/20,320 ft)
lowest point The Fens, 4.6 metres (15 feet) below sea level
Death Valley,in California
86 m (282 ft) below sea level
Longest river
Severn 354 km
(220 miles)
Mississippi, 3765km (2340mi)
Largest lake
Lough Neagh
(153 sq miles)
Lake Michigan
57,800 sq. km.
(22,300 Sq.Mi.)
Annual mean temperature
London 9.7C
Annual mean rainfall
London 753mm
Total population
(2004 estimate)
(2004 estimate).
Population density per 250 people per sq km (646 people per sq mi) 32 persons per sq km
(83 per sq mi)
Top 5 populous cities:
London 7,285,000
Birmingham 1,018,000
Leeds 725,000
Glasgow 611,000
Sheffield 529,000

New York City 8,085,742
Los Angeles, 3,819,951
Chicago 2,869,121
Houston 2,009,690
Philadelphia 1,479,339


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Events and sprcial days in the UK
British Life
Pooh down the River Thames
Flat Stanley
British History
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