School Holidays

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When are school Vacations in England?

How long do they last?

The English academic year runs from September to July.

Schools are open for 195 days each school year.

English schools have six terms (semesters), separated by holidays (vacations).

The school year is 39 weeks long and is divided into six terms:

Term 1 - September to October (followed by a one week holiday)

Term 2 - October to December (followed by a two week holiday)

Term 3 - January to February (followed by a one week holiday)

Term 4 - February to March (followed by a two week holiday)

Term 5 - April to May (followed by a one week holiday)

Term 6 - June to July (followed by a six week summer holiday)

Holidays / Vacations

Our main School holidays are:

Christmas - 2 weeks

Spring - 2 weeks

Summer (end of July and the whole of August) - 6 weeks

We also have a one week holiday at the end of every odd numbered term.

When does the School Year start?

The new school year starts at the beginning of September, at the end of summer vacation.

Who decides the dates of the School terms and holidays?

The local educational authority decides the dates of the school terms and the school governing bodies determine the times at which schools open and close each day.




School Year Begins

Approx 4 September

Approx 20 August

Sept Weekend


Fri & Mon of 3rd wk in Sept


5 days (Wk 3 or 4)

5 days (Wk 2 or 3)


2 weeks

2 weeks


5 days

1 day


2 weeks

2 weeks

May day

1 day

1 day

May (end of)

5 days


School Year Ends

3rd week in July

Last week in June

The dates of the school holidays for this year on our School Diary Page.

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