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Do children wear a school uniform?

Most school in England require children to wear a school uniform.

The uniform

school uniformBoys
Long grey or black trousers (shorts may be worn in the Summer)
White Shirt
School tie (optional in most primary schools)
Jumper or sweater with the school logo on. The colour is the choice of the schools.
Black shoes

As above.
Girls may wear skirts
During the summer term girls often wear summer school dresses.

Why wear a Uniform?

  • When we go on a school trip we all look the same and so can't get lost.
  • Stops kids worrying about what to wear each day.
  • Everyone is equal.
  • Parents don't have to shop for expensive and varied wardrobes for their children to keep up with or show-off to other children
  • Wearing a uniform instills a sense of pride and discipline in students

Why not to wear a uniform:

  • Uniforms deny students their right to personal identity and self-expression.

Can you think other reasons for and against wearing a school uniform?

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