Flat Stanley visits London

Flat Stanley
visits London, England all the way from North Carolina, USA

March 2007

Jonathan emailed his drawing of Flat Stanley, from .

Where is North Carolina?
Where is our school?
We are here

Our students told Flat Stanley all about our school.

He liked our school uniform.

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Flat Stanley's visit to London

First Flat Stanley visited the Queen at her home in Buckingham Palace, London.

Click here to find out more about Buckingham Palace

Click here to find out about the Queen

He saw the Queen's guards

Click here to find out more about the Queen's guards

Then Flat Stanley visited the previous Prime Minister, Tony Blair, at his home 10 Downing Street in London.

Tony Blair was head of the British Government

Later in the day Flat Stanley visited a few famous places in London.
Tower Bridge
Click here to find out about the Tower Bridge
Tower of London
Click here to find out about the Tower of London
Big Ben
Click here to find out about Big Ben
Nelson's Column
Click here to find out about Nelson's Column
Flat Stanley travelled on the tube
Find out more about the London Underground
He took a ride in a black taxi cab
Find out more about transport in London
Flat Stanley went on a Double Decker bus
Find out more about buses in London
Flat Stanley had a ride on The London Eye
Find out more
Flat Stanley met some Policemen
Find out about police in London
Flat Stanley met the Pearly Kings and Queens
Find out about people of London and the Pearly Kings and Queens

Jonathan and his mum left the following message in our guestbook:

"We mailed the flat stanley to you! and you guys did a fantastic job with the photographs! Jonathon's class will be able to search your website directly from their classroom! Thank you ever so much -- this is the most effort anyone has put in so far!"

by Mandy Barrow

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