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Games to help Improve your Maths Skills

Magnetic Tables

Practise your tables using this fun drag and drop magnetic board

Test your Maths Skill

This game tests your adding, subtraction, division and multiplication skills

Dot to Dot

We have 3 dot to dot games for you to enjoy.

Guess the computers number.

Crab Race

Teaches probability and using money.

Tower of Hanoi

 Visit our Interactive Maths Zone for Flash cards, Times Table tests, Word Problems, Mental Maths tests and other Maths quizzes!

You own a lemonade Stand.  How much money can you make?

Number Jump

Interactive Flash Cards

Lemonade Stand

Visit our
Maths Zone
for more
Maths Games

Which is the correct Sum?

Can you beat the bully?

Tables test

Can you beat the bully?

You Need Flash Installed for the Games Below! 

The following games need Flash. If you do not have it,
please ask an adult before downloading it here.

We have many more games like this in our Maths Zone

These games are part of the Ambleside School Website

Practice your tables by clicking on a tree.

Game Show  play against your friends


Table Trees

Game Show
Easy / Hard


Addition Pyramid

Word Problems

Number Bonds to 10 and 100

Callums Addition Pyramid

Word Problems

Number Bonds
to 10 and 100

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