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3D Driver l 3D Maze l Absolute l Alien l Alien 2 Invasion l All Lights | Animal Arcade 1 Animal Arcade 2 |Animal Arcade 3 | Asteroids |
Battleship 2 | Baps | Basketball | BMTron |Breakout | Bridges | Bubbles |
Canoe Clobber l Centipede |C.Golf | Chess | Chequers l Clickball l Cliffie | Concentration Connect 4 l Crab Race l Critturs | Cross Section |
Dot to Dot | Dugout | Golf (Linx) |Defenders | Double | Drop Game |

Try to turn on all 25 lights. Switching a light on or off will also switch 

The classic Arcade shooting game.

Space shooting game

 All Lights




 Throw away your pencils and man your battle stations!  Play against the computer to see who can sink the others navy first.

Practise basket ball by your self or play against a friend




A fun version of Tetris. Put three bubbles together, and win! I am sure you will love this one

Like Breakout but with the added thrill of trying to get the ball between the rows!



The old arcade game with great sound effects. Move the paddle to bounce the ball against the wall.

Up to four people can play this snake game at one time

This is a pretty hard java game. The point is to make a red line across the board before the computer creates a blue line across the board. One block at a time.



Educational Games

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Experience trout fishing with your  bear hands and oar. Clobber as many trout as you can. But be careful, your canoe gets damaged when you hit river banks, logs, leaves, or any rubbish that floats down the river.

Educational Games

Canoe Clobber


Don't let the spiders get you!  A fun arcade game with action & sound!

Grab your hammer and smash the critturs! These little green beasts are popping up from their holes and it is your job to stop them!

Save the penguin from drowning inside the flooded tower! Great graphics. Doesn't work on all browsers.



Cross Section

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This is a java applet of the classic game connect four. The object is to get four checkers in a row before the computer does. It is kind of difficult.

Carpet Golf 3D is a cool and fun golf game that features 3 unique golf courses and an excellent play interface.

In the game of Cliffie you  are a postman. The game is based on the TV programme called Cheers

Connect 4

Carpet Golf


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Place your bets for the grearest crab race this century!

You are In Don's Dugout, Don the mole has discovered that some uninvited critters are lurking underground in his garden.

Java Chess

Crab Racing


A quick moving game where you have to catch the rain with your pad while avoiding

Your are the commander of a tank on a desert moon.  Aliens from Vraktu VII are attacking the base to steal its energy.  Defend the base!

Simple but addicting driving game.

Drop Game


3D Driver

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