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How to Play the Game
The object of this game is to move all of the rings to the right most peg. You can move one block at a time by clicking and dragging with your mouse. You cannot place a larger block on top of a smaller block.

The Legend behind the Game
In an ancient city in India monks in a temple were asked to move a pile of 64 sacred disks from one location to another. The disks were fragile and so only one could be carried at a time nor could one be placed on top of a smaller, less valuable disk.
So, the monks started moving disks back and forth, between the original pile, the pile at the new location, and the intermediate location, always keeping the piles in order (largest on the bottom, smallest on the top).
The legend also says that before the monks would make the final move to complete the new pile in the new location, the temple would turn to dust and the world will end!

Hint: Try changing the number of blocks in play. Start with 3 blocks.

If you are still stuck, here is a written solution and a animated 5 block solution (The animated one has an advertising banner. To close the window click on the X)

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