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Year 4 Literacy Targets

Listening and Speaking

  • To talk and listen with more confidence in an increasing range of contexts e.g. discussion, stories, poetry, debates etc.
  • Children are developing their ideas in thought first before speaking i.e. thinking their ideas through.
  • Able to describe events and convey their opinions clearly.
  • Are beginning to take notice of standard English in vocabulary and grammar.
    Understand that standard English is used in certain situations.


  • To understand how writers create imaginary worlds, particularly where this is original or unfamiliar.
  • To understand how settings influence events and incidents in stories and how they affect characters behaviour and to compare and contrast settings across a range of stories.
  • To understand how the use of expressive and descriptive language can e.g. create moods, arouse expectations, build tension, describe attitudes or emotions.
  • To identify social, moral or cultural issues in stories.
  • To describe how a poet does or does not use rhyme e.g. every alternative line, rhyming couplets, no rhyme, and patterns of rhyme.


  • To use photographs in story writing to organise and sequence the story.
  • To develop use of settings in own writing, making use of work on adjectives and figurative language to describe settings effectively.
  • Note making to edit down a sentence or passage by deleting the less important elements.
  • To write own longer stories in chapters from story plans.
  • To write poems, experimenting with different styles and structures, discuss if and why different forms are more suitable than others.

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