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Year 6 Literacy Targets

Listening and Speaking

  • To communicate to different audiences, engaging the interest of the listeners by the increasing development of vocabulary and expression.
  • To participate in discussions, listening carefully to what others say, asking questions and developing ideas.
  • To understand that formal situations require Standard English and to be able to use clear diction and appropriate intonation and language in these situations.
  • To be able to speak aloud to an audience, expressing themselves confidently and clearly, having organised what they want to say.


  • To become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers.
  • To be able to describe and evaluate the style and techniques of an author justifying their interpretation by reference to the text.
  • To be able to appreciate more complex texts with different layers of meaning and to understand how these are being created.
  • To be able to describe and evaluate a range of texts by commenting on style, genre, appeal etc.
  • To be able to locate information in books by using appropriate strategies for the task, such as note-taking, distinguishing between fact and fiction and skimming and scanning.


  • To understand that writing is a means of developing, organising and communicating ideas.
  • To be able to write for a range of readers and situations and in response to a variety of stimuli, clearly conveying meaning and engaging the interest of the reader.
  • To be able to plan, draft and improve their writing, using paragraphs to mark the main division and using a range of punctuation correctly to vary pace and clarify meaning.
  • To develop a style where simple and complex sentences are used effectively and sentence structures and vocabulary are varied to create specific effects.
  • To develop the use of figurative language, such as personification and make the appropriate choices between Standard English, colloquialism and dialect according to the formality of the writing.

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