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 Why was Woodlands Primary school built?..... The great move.... The first few years.
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You are on our History Tour. Our History tours are divided into several short sections. This section of the tour will tell you about the school we replaced and about the first year as the Woodlands School.

Woodlands Junior shares the same site as Woodlands Infant on the Higham Wood estate
in the north side of Tonbridge. The Junior School is older than the Infants School but only by a few years. This page tells you about why the two Woodland schools were built and their first few years in existence.
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The Woodlands Schools were built to replace an overcrowding school in Bank Street (near the Saturday market). The Slade School in Tonbridge, was also built to ease the overcrowding of the Bank Street School. Boys from the latter school were transfered over to Slade whilst the girls and infants remained at Bank Street. Slade School was originally know as a boys school.

Bank Street School accommodated boys, girls and infants. Towards the end of 1964 and the beginning of 1965, most of the children transferred to the two new primary and infant schools being built on the Higham Lane estate in the north of Tonbridge. These two schools are now know as Woodlands Junior and Woodlands Infant.

The building, which used to be Bank Street School, is now an office block.

The photo on the left shows the school just after it closed in 1965.

This is how the building looks today. It is know as Bank House.

Although it has been altered, you can still see some of the features. If you look closely at the photo you can see the two identical entrances, one on the left and one on the right.

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