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by Mandy Barrow

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Is it a Victorian house?

Victorian houses were built in a time when not many people had cars. In fact it was only towards the end of the Victorian period that cars were even invented.

So ......

Victorian houses were built without garages as there was no need for a place to store a car.

Victorian houses have chimneys because they often had a fireplace in most rooms. The fire was the only way to keep warm. Today, houses are built without chimneys because houses are kept warm via central heating. Most modern houses have radiators in each room instead of a fireplace.

Typical Characteristics of Victorian houses

  • Bay windows (they stick out)
  • Iron Railings
  • Flemish brick bonding
  • Patterns in the brickwork made from coloured bricks
  • Stained glass in doorways and windows.
  • Roofs made of slate.
  • No garage
  • Sash windows (they open by sliding the window up)

During the next few pages you will find out more about Victorian houses by looking at many photographs.

See if you can spot the different characteristics of Victorian houses.

N.B. You may not find all the different characteristics all on one house.

Victorian Houses

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