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"Kent's very own rival to Wikipedia"


On 29 March 2007 our website was featured on our local news programme, Meridian Tonight.
Below you can see the screen shots taken from the report.

"The most visited school website in Britain"
" The site we are talking about is not run by a global company, no, it is all the work of a school in Tonbridge"
"As every adult knows if you need help with your computer, ask the nearest 10 year old."

"Here at the Woodlands Junior School in Tonbridge
they are not just experts at using the internet they are helping to create it! "

" The schools website has over 11,000 pages of information, some written by the children.
There's Homework Help, British Culture, Maths, Science and Literacy.

"I look at the Homework Help
and I use the games alot."
"Homework and for looking up
what things mean that aren't in the dictionary."

"These postcards are just some of the ones sent in by the 90,000 people
who look at the website each day from all around the world ........... "
".......and that teaches the pupils about geography too."

"The site was set up originally, and is still maintained, by Mandy Barrow"

"And if you would like to see what Kent's very own rival to Wikipedia looks like, here is the website"

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