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Questions about school life in Britain
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 We have put this page together for our visitors abroad who would like to find out about schools in England and about our school.

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Worksheets for Students learning about schools in England

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Click here to download an alphabetical vocabulary sheet to help you understand some of the words.  
Source - Kids in British Schools

Questions from Visitors living other countries

 At what age do children start school in England? (Age Start)
 What subjects do you learn? (Subjects)
 What different types of schools do you have in England? (Types of Schools)
 When are school vacations? How long do they last? (A School Year)
 What tests do the children do in a school in England? (Tests)
 Do children wear a school uniform? (Uniform)
 What sorts of games do primary school students play during break time? (recess)
 At what time does school begin and end? (School Day)
 On what days do your children attend school?
 What school events do you have during a typical school year? (School Events)
 What is a typical school day like for a child living in England? (School Day Tour)
 What does a school look like in England? Can you take me on a virtual tour?
 Questions about our School in England
 What kind of school is Woodlands Junior School?
 Is your school a state or private (independent) school?
 Where is Woodlands Junior School? (Location of Woodlands Junior School)
 At what age do children start at your school?
 How well did your school do in the National Tests at Key Stage 2 ?
 How many classes do you have?
 What are the strengths of your school?
 Where can I find out more information about the 11+ and Sats?
 How many of your children pass the 11+ and go onto Grammar Schools?
 What is the difference between Grammar and Comprehensive schools?
 How can I enroll my son/daughter at your school?

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