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science title Interactive Plant Quiz

 Fast Facts before doing the quiz (Click here to go straight to the quiz)

Germinate means a seed starting to grow.
To germinate plants need warmth and water (They do not need light!).

Plants need light, warmth, water, air, nutrients to grow.

Pollination is how plants reproduce (make more plants).

How a flower pollinates:
A bee enters a flower to get nectar to make honey. As the bee crawls into the flower the male
stamens rub pollen on the bee's back. The bee then flies to another flower where the female stigma collects the pollen. The pollen travels down to the ovary (seed box) where it becomes a seed. The ovary swells and becomes a fruit.

Seed dispersal - Seeds must get away from the parent plant in order to get enough space to grow.

Seeds travel in different ways:


  • A seed with a wing travels by wind e.g. sycamore.


  • A seed with a hook travels on animal fur or clothing e.g. burr.
  • A seed with a jucy fruit is travels by animals eating the fruit and excreting the seeds e.g. apple.
  • Seeds such as nuts are buried by animals and then forgotten e.g. acorn.


  • Some seeds travel by water e.g.coconut and some explode to scatter their seeds e.g. pea
Can you name the parts of the plants from the descriptions given?
Select the correct answer from the drop down list.

 1. Where pollen grains are made
 2. Female reproductive cell 
 3. Colourful leaf that helps attract insects
 4. Contains the egg cell 
 5. Tip of the pistil which catches the pollen grains
 6. The male part of the flower 
 7. Part that protects the emerging flower bud
 8. Transports water from the roots to the cells of the plant
 9. Ovules are made here
10. Part of plant where food is made
Click on the finish button to find out how well you have done


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