A pictorial guide to the River Thames

The Thames has been featured in many books including ‘Three Men in a Boat’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘The Wind in the Willows’, and Dickens, in whose novels the Thames is a dank, stinking sludge, the scene of murders and crime.

River Thames Facts
by Mandy Barrow

The speed of the flow of the Thames increases the further downstream you go (towards the sea). This is because of more and more tributaries join the river adding their water to it.

Buscot 799 million litres/day (176 million gallons/day)
Reading 3,594 million litres day (790 million gallons/day)
Kingston 5,696 million litres/day (1,253 million gallons/day).

The width of the Thames also increases the further downstream you go.

Lechlade 18 metres (60 feet) wide
Oxford 76 metres (250 feet) wide
Teddington 100 metres (325 feet) wide

London Bridge 265 metres (870 feet)
Woolwich 448 metres (1,470 feet)
Gravesend 732 metres (2,400 feet)
Nore Light, 10 km (6 mi);
Estuary (between Shoeburyness and Sheerness) 8 km (5 miles)

Whitstable and Foulness Point, the estuary is 29 km (18 miles) across.

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