Winnie the Pooh sails the Thames The River Thames
From Source to Sea

St John's Lock

Height above sea level: 71.16 metres

St John's Lock is the first lock of 45 between the source and London. It is also the highest lock on the Thames, being 71.5m (234 ft) above sea level.

Locks allow boats to pass safely over changes in water level.

Pooh watched a boat go through the lock before taking his boat through.

Pooh steered his boat into the lock.

He turned the big wheel to let the water out of the lock.

He pushed on the gates to open them.

'Old Father Thames' is a statue originally created for Crystal Palace in London by R. Monti. It was rescued from the fire there in 1936 and subsequently donated and placed to mark the source of the river. In 1974 it was moved to its present location.


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