Woodlands Pokemon Journey
Capture and battle Pokèmon, whilst trying to become a Woodlands master!
Pokemon: Chapter 1 > Chapter 2 >Chapter 3 >Chapter 4 >Chapter 5 >Chapter 6 >Chapter 7

Please note we use British spellings in this story.


You will travel through the world of Pokemon!

How many Pokemon will you capture?

There are some new and exciting evolutions.

There are passwords and codes in some chapters.

There are four new cities and a new town.

Try and investigate everywhere looking for clues as you go.

Remember passwords given to you!

Pokemon who you are friendly to will reward you!

Good luck!

Let the Journey begin!
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"Woodlands Junior School in Tonbridge, Kent has one of the coolest school website going! Mark, a Year 6 student has written a special game that runs on their website called Pokemon Journey. .... Well done Mark you have done a great job with the game."
Pokemon World Magazine (Issue 56) April 2006





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