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A Christmas thought:
STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backward.

Contents of this page: Christmas lesson .. .ideas... advent......customs........ plays........ nativity ......... Christmas Activities

rAdvent Calendars
Christmas Activities to do online
rrChristmas Activities to print off and make
r More Christmas things - includes music and Clip art
r Christmas Traditions Around the World
r Christmas Maths and other lessons

Who wants to be a Christmas Millionaire game

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Most of the material on this page are links to other websites and Woodlands Junior School takes no creative credit for any of the activities or links on other websites.

Advent Calendars

Key Stage 1 Advent Calendar
Click on the screen to activate it and then search for the number. Clic on the down arrow to play one of four games.
World Advent Calendar
How does red-suited Santa survive in the heat of a Brazilian summer?

In what country is Pavlova a popular Christmas dessert?

The answers to these and other interesting questions about Christmas celebrations around the world can be found in our Interactive Advent Calendar.

To do Online

Rudolph is Missing
Interactive story with question prompts

Build a Snowman

Drag the parts of the snowman onto the winter scene.

The True Meaning of Christmas
A delightful poem explaining the true meaning.

Fun Christmas Webquest
Students type in the answers to questions on Christmas customs in England, using the information on the Woodlands Junior website.

Email Father Christmas
Children fill in an online form and receive an immediate reply from Father Christmas. Although this is a safe site we would recommend that children only use their first or nick name.

Christmas Wordsearch
Online interactive wordsearches.
Topics include: Christmas Day, Christmas Food, Father Christmas, Reindeer and the Nativity. Can be saved to play offline.
Enjoy the joy and magic of Christmas in Santa's Secret Village. Write to Santa, read stories, enjoy Karaoke, play games and puzzles, print stories to colour-even put your class in a personalized story! Includes lesson ideas

Santa's Reindeers sing
This is sure to amuse and entertain your class. might be blocked on school networks

Reindeer Orchestra
This link might not work on some computers. If not, right click on link and save to your computer, then drop the file onto a Textease page or IWB software.

Christmas Crafts
(Enchanted Learning)
Winter Crafts
(Enchanted Learning)
Christmas cards
(Primary Games)

Christmas Activities
From the Primary Resources Website. Includes:
Christmas Spot the Difference
Nativity Book
Christmas Wordsearches
Blind Date Christmas Play
Christmas Tree Sums
Christmas Tree Number Targets
Santa Drama Scheme of Work
Christmas Code Cracker
Christmas Tree Shape Poems

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More Useful Christmas Things!

- Great for the interactive whiteboard
Over 30 graphics including dividers, a few religious clip art, Santas, reindeers, candy canes, bundles of wrapped gifts...

Christmas Lesson Ideas

Christmas Lessons from RhlSchool
Christmas Maths Problems and Christmas Reading Comprehensions

Christmas Lessons from Edhelper
Christmas Maths Problems and Christmas Reading Comprehensions

Maths Christmas Activities from Kidzone

Christmas Time Filler Ideas

History of the Christmas Tree lesson plan

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Christmas Around the World

How Merry Christmas is said around the world

Christmas in England (Woodlands Junior)
Customs and traditions of an English Christmas.

Interactive Advent Calendar (Woodlands Junior)
The answers to interesting questions about Christmas celebrations around the world.

Christmas Around the World
Visit over 30 different countries and see how they celebrate Christmas!

World Map of Christmas Traditions (History Channel)
Click around this map to learn about traditions from different regions and, along the way, learn about the history of this most cherished of holidays.

Christmas Around The World (
This is a collection of historical Christmas celebrations for many different countries.

Christmas World
To hear about very different kinds of Christmas, visit these pages.

Christmas in Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Although we usually take today's Christmas celebration customs for granted, most of the so-called "traditional" Christmas practices only date back to the 19th century.

Christmas in Mexico
Learn about Mexico\'s Christmas traditions and customs.

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