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Updated Teaching Resources can now be found on the Kent NGfL website instead of on here on Woodlands Web. To vsit the Kent NGfL website click on the link below.

Kented Website

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 Kent NGfL- activities and resources by teachers. Fantastic IWB section with loads of resources. Great help for ICT Cordinators (click on the yellow ICT Tab). Lots of useful ideas for embedding ICT across the curriculum.

Portfolio / Co-ordinators

 Online ICT Portfolio

ICT Co-ordinators

 Power Point in the Classroom.

Teaching Keyboard Skills - A new site which looks very promising!

ICT Coordinator - Home Page for the UK ICT Coordinator

Implementing ICT
A useful handbook for ICT co-ordinators and school managers. Published by NAACE (National Association of Advisers for Computers in Education). There are four key themes: leadership and coordination, teaching and learning, managing infrastructure and measuring success.

A group of teachers providing support for others in the profession. It has many teaching ICT resources to aid you in all aspects of ICT .

ICT in Education - Provides good advice on many ICT issues.
Sections on the website include: · Using computers to save time, Managing ICT provision, Free tools, Effective management of ICT, Current Developments in ICT ·

Dudley ICT support -

  • Classroom Management - Curriculum material, National Curriculum 2000 etc
  • Classroom Activities - Ideas and activities for implementing ICT in the classroom
  • Software - Support for the applications on your network
  • Hardware and System - Support for your whiteboard, Windows 98 etc

Information and advice on using ICT in Schools. Includes,
How Do I Write School ICT Policies and ICT Development Plans?

ICT Advice
Provides information, services and tools for those who use, implement and manage ICT in schools.

Info sheet for Primary ICT co-ordinators.

MAPE - supporting effective use of ICT in Primary Education. Has many ideas for using ICT across the curriculum areas.

Modelling Activities - What does the term modelling mean?

Spreadsheet Modelling - Are you baffled the term 'modelling'? Need some good ready made material? Try this Devon Curriculum Services site.
There are spreadsheet investigations based on well-known mathematical
problems. Sample files (Excel only) may be downloaded. They are an
excellent starting point for the introduction of spreadsheets, helping
pupils gain concepts as they explore what a spreadsheet does.
Our students favourite is The Retiring Headteacher - help the head to spend her
money! The formulae and starting values may be varied, additional rows
inserted, etc. before the pupils embark on designing their own sheet.

Devon Curriculum Services - They have excellent ICT resources. Well worth a visit.

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Keyboard / Typing Skills

Dance Mat Typing from the BBC

Senselang - Teaches touch typing.

Freeware Programs
You can download these free typing programs.
Mainly for staff who wanted to become quicker typists.

Englishtype Junior - Written for UK students and follows the National Curriculum. Englishtype has been shown to be very effective at teaching mixed ability classes even though it was designed initially with Special Needs and Dyslexic children in mind.

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 ICT Assessment - Northern Grid provides ideas and examples for an Electronic Portfolio, a Scheme of Work, Lesson Ideas and Recording and Monitoring Strategies. The Electronic Portfolio is divided into Levels 1-8, giving examples of pupil work related to the level descriptors. The Scheme of Work is currently limited to Key Stages 1 and 2 but will include Key Stage 3 in the near future.

Self assessment for KS 2 from Plymouth Grid for learning

Key Stages 1 & 2 ICT Assessment Materials from Stockton-on-Tees, Education, Leisure & Cultural Services

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QCA and Cross Curriculum

 QCA Scheme of Work for Primary ICT  - Standards website

Embedding ICT Across the Curriculum
Activities, resources and studies by teachers, reflecting on the successful use of ICT in all curriculum areas.

ICT Scheme of Work
Visit the Kent NGfL website and click on the Green ICT QCA link. You will find resources and ideas for teaching the skills.

ICT and Numeracy - Are you unsure about how to include ICT within your daily dedicated mathematics lesson?

Crocodile Clips - software for teaching mathematics, science and technology in schools and colleges. Free demo for classroom use. Check it out!

Roamer Control - Ideas, lessons and details about Roamer. Kent NGFL

Roamer in the Classroom - Ideas for using a roamer in the classroom

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Understanding Computers

Jargon-free help

Classroom teacher

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Found a Broken link? Please report it to us using our online e-mail form.

Online Activities for Students

   Educational Games and Acitivites

Online activities linked to the Literacy and Numeracy strategies and the new National Curriculum. Primary Resources Site.

Robotics - Y5/6 Control units
Pupils navigate a robotic vehicle over rocky terrain, using the keyboard arrow keys. On the lunar surface, there's a three second delay, due to the time it takes for signal to reach the Moon. The accompanying text gives useful background. There's no opportunity for programming or using sensors, but it provides a good context for discussing robots and the tasks they perform, hence it is directly relevant to the Y5/6 Control units.

A Virtual Tour of a Thai City - Children answer questions whilst exploring a virtual Thai City. Great for a study on Thailand or a lunch time activity in the ICT Suite.

GridClub - GridClub is the official DfEE education portal, designed especially for 7 to 11 year-old children. GridClub is FUN, and it is also the safest site for kids to use at home or school

Wacky Words - A fun game where you enter words to make crazy interactive stories. Ideal for Literacy lessons.

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Teaching Ideas

 KS1 ICT IDEAS - ICT teaching ideas, activities and suggestions for Early Years and Key Stage 1 children.

Teaching Ideas ICT - Lesson plans and ideas in using ICT in the classroom
This site also has the excellent Welcome to the Web (See above)

  • Making Web Pages
  • Using Email, Searching the Internet and Making Web Pages.
  • ICT Unit 0 A brilliant resource to get children started with computers.
  • Using LOGO
  • LOGO Instruction Sheets
  • Fun with a Roamer
  • LOGO Worksheet
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Workstations and Networks
  • Databases
  • Interactive Stories
  • Email Pictures
  • Using Paint
  • Talking Books
  • Tessellations
  • Make Your Own Postcards
  • Electronic Comics
  • Shared Writing

Welcome to the Web - An interactive set of web pages, created by Mark Warner,
which can be used to teach children (and adults) about the Internet. They can be used in the classroom / computer room and children are welcome to explore them as they wish (although they have been designed to use in sequence).
Worksheets include:
The Internet
Web Browsers
Searching the Net
Researching on the Net

The use of Macromedia's Flash in Schools - Contains examples of Flash projects.

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Schools with excellent ICT Resources

 All Souls School

Edleston Primary School

  • Online Projects Page
    These online projects are a sample of the material that the children have produced. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

ICT Cross Curricular Activities - Visit the Hugo Meynell School website where you can download computer-based activities for use with KS 2.

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • The Romans
  • Monarchs
  • The Tudors
  • The Victorians
  • Festivals of all the major religions.
  • Rivers
  • The Planets
  • Word Processing Exercises 
  • Classifying Exercises
  • Science Worksheets
  • History Worksheets
  • Geography Worksheets

The Tudors - Internet activities and work sheets which can be printed off and used to find information from the web by Low Ash Primary School

The Viking Experience - Use the internet to find out about the Vikings by Low Ash Primary School

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