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Online Maths Games and Activities

Interactive Maths

Sats Revision

Important Notice

Updated Teaching Resources can now be found on the Kent Education website instead of on here on Woodlands Web. Both sites are run by the same person.

ICT Activities

Woodlands Web caters for children.

Kent Education caters for Educational staff.

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Interactive Online Maths Games and Activities

Interactive Maths
SATs Revision, Flash Cards, Quizzes, Worksheets, Games and Word problems to solve. Everything you need to help you improve your maths is right here on Woodlands Web.

An excellent list of interactive tools

Educational Online Games and Activities

Interactive Resources
Interactive Resources Maths Packs contain over 55 numeracy tools for use on an interactive whiteboard, projector or large display. Areas covered include pie charts, bar charts, flash cards, ordering, tally charts, probability, angles, number squares, telling the time, properties of polygons, geoboards, target boards, number lines, function machines, counting on/back, line graphs, Cuisenaire rods, fractions, estimation, coordinates, place value, percentages, reflection and more!

Interactive online resources
From the Numeracy Strategy website. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Maths Year 2000 - now called counton

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Resources - Worksheets and activities

KS1 & KS2 worksheets on times tables. Morecan be found at:

Online database of worksheets
Upper Key Stage 2

North Birmingham Numeracy -
A range of doc files including fraction familie addition

Clock worksheets and Blank clock sheets with the minute ticks.
Blank clocks in various sizes.

Line Symmetry
Contains images of natural and man-made forms as well as mathematical
shapes. There are animations to make concepts clear, and an interactive
kaleidoscope. There are suggested activities which bring together
mathematics and design

Bingo Card Maker
This generator can be used to make bingo cards with the words of your choice. Bingo cards can be used for just about any content area to reinforce definitions, new vocabulary, maths problems and lots more.

Maths Charts
100 number charts, multiplication and addition charts.

Cumbria Numeracy Resources
Make sure you scroll down the page to see all the resources!

Interactive Maths Cards
Great for the first few minutes of Numeracy. Look under the heading 'I have... Who has? cards. ' Many Maths worksheets and games for teachers are also included on this page.

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Planning and Assessment

Planning and Assessment

Planning Resources

  • Assessment
  • *Mental & Oral Key Objectives *
  • Short Term Planners
  • Medium Term Planners

Planning Guidance

  • Planning Guidance
  • Small Schools Guidance
  • The three part lesson in small schools at KS 2  

Numeracy Lesson Plans
Example for each year group

Numeracy Plans
The plans are available to download.

The Smile Program
This site has more than 200 Maths lesson plans suitable for both primary and secondary schools.

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Online Activities

Maths Investigations from Subtangent

Count Us In
Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.

Bobbie Bear
Use counting strategies to make as many outfits for Bobbie Bear as you can, using different coloured shirts and pants. Deferentiate by changing the number of clothes he has to start with.

Turtle Pond
Guide a turtle to a pond using computer commands.

Lesson Ideas and Plans

Mathematics Investigations Lesson Plans
Collection of lesson plans for primary aged children.

Population Pasta
In this student activity, students investigate population statistics. Using different types of pasta to represent different numbers of people, students experiment with using graphs, maps, and more to illustrate population densities.

Ideas for Maths Investigations 
A variety of ideas.

How Many More Fish?
This unit of work focuses on comparative subtraction. Pupils use fish-shaped crackers  to explore all five meanings for the operations of subtraction. 

Do It with Dominoes
In this nine-lesson unit from Illuminations, students explore the four models of addition (counting, sets, number line, and balanced equations) using dominoes.

Math Investigations I
Students work in small groups to think of specific examples of how math is an important part of their lives.

Math Investigations II
Students measure the length and width of objects in the classroom and make bar graphs comparing the data.

The Math Project Journal
Lesson plans in applied Math.

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Maths Co-ordinators

Classroom Observation Sheet for Numeracy.

Maths Co-ordinators
This is for YOU!

Parents Booklet explaining how Maths is now taught in English schools.


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Worksheets and Activities

Lesson ideas
From the teaching ideas website

Math Drill Sheets
From Easy to Hard

Maths Worksheet creator
Create your own math worksheets here for free. Use them in class, for homework assignments, or tests. Elementary level capability.

Generate Maths worksheets using the excel programme

Free Worksheets
Simple worksheets

Resource Room
The Resource Room is a place where teachers and students share resources. Go there for answers to some very interesting questions, as well as lesson ideas, submitted by teachers and students alike.

Maths is Fun
Wow, where do I start? A mine of information here.

Maths Goodies
Free interactive math lessons and many other useful resources too.

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Other Resources

Strategies for solving mental arithmetic problems. Do you know a quick way of squaring a two digit number which ends in 5?

Curious Maths
Here you will find tricks and rules for quickly calculating certain types of math problems. There are also some entertaining trivia and math facts.

The Web Classroom
Lessons and tests to help students understand concepts in Mathematics and to build language skills in English.

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