Houses in Thailand

Houses in Thailand

Inside and Outside
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The traditional Isaan homes were made of raised wooden post construction, so that animals, creeping insects could not enter the houses. The open area beneath the houses also served as a cool daytime workplace. There are still many houses like this today, dotted around the countryside.

Cattle are kept underneath some houses.

Many houses in towns are built in two stages. The bottom part is the shop to work or sell things and the first floor contain the bedrooms.
Inside a House
Not all Thai houses will have a kitchen or furniture like we do. People will sit and eat on the floor. There is also no shower or bath as we know it, instead there is a big 'tub' for the water and a jug. Thai people bathe by throwing water over themselves.
Most toilets are squat toilets although the western style toilets are becoming more available. Near the squat toilets there is a container filled with water and a cup or a hose pipe. These replace the flush of water.
In almost house, including slum housing, a TV, fridge and radio can be found.
Western Influences
There are many other different styles of houses too, including:

The interior of these houses are very much the same as houses in England. There is much furniture, a kitchen, sitting room, dining room, bedrooms, shower room and flushing toilets.

Here is a photograph of a rubbish bin. It is made from an old tyre.
These bins are found on the pavements outside houses and shops.





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