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A War Time Diary

We asked our Year 6's to imagine what it was like to be a child during the war and to write a diary as though they were adults reflecting back on their experiences. As part of their research they had the opportunity to interview someone who had experienced living during the war. Joanna, very cleverly, used her interview with Audrey Breeze to write the diary below. The entry 30 September 1999 is particularly clever.

24th October 1942
This war seems to be going on forever! Oh well, at least some things are still normal.

The 'School Bus' was late, that's certainly not unusual! I thought I'd forgotten my pencil case this morning so I had to borrow Patricia's. At lunchtime I found out that it was only the boys who had taken it. I wish they'd nick each other's stuff instead of the girls'. Then after lunch I had the idea. I would nick their stuff! The boys got into paddies when they found their pens missing. Of course I did put them all back at home time. Jack Smith got the ruler on the knuckles today for whispering behind his desk to Tony Jones. Then he had to write 100 lines saying 'I must not talk in class.'

I won every game of conkers I played today. I won a packer of Malteasers with a conker. I'll probably win with my best conker tomorrow as well.

Domestic Science was better than ever today. We made an apple and blackberry crumble! Then we even got to bring it home and eat it! That was the best bit. It was gorgeous.

When I milked the cows before school this morning and fed the pigs old Gertie looked like she was going to have piglets. Maybe even today! If Pa will let me name them I'll call them Ping and Pong! I've just mucked them out and Pa's gone off with the landrover to get the vet.

Danny and Jim are playing Ludo downstairs and Stephen and Jane are playing cards. I wish I didn't have to go to bed at 8 o'clock. Oh well, at least I am allowed to read or write my diary in bed.

Today's episode of 'Dick Barton Special Agent' on the wireless (6:45pm) was really good. I can't wait for the next episode. I want to know what happens next.

I wish it was still last week, or that I had a birthday every week. It was so nice to have everyone round to play and stay the night, and then to wake up in the morning and show everyone how to do the milking.

I suppose it is Christmas soon so I'll have lots more presents in my stocking. After Santa Claus has filled the stockings it's great fun trying to guess what's in the little bundles and then opening them and finding that you are totally wrong.

I had a Walls ice cream cone today!

25th October 1942
The siren went off at school again today and we missed out on the whole of Domestic Science! I wish it had been during English instead. Then two hours later it went again in the Maths lesson. My second best subject. Shinty (hockey) was worse than ever today but tennis was OK

I'm so glad that we don't get much homework. If I had much more I wouldn't have much time left for the animals.

Ma is ill at the moment so I had to go and get the food today. Ration books are so fiddly, you have to sort out what you need, and then find out how many tokens you need. We're not allowed to throw anything away nowadays, and everything's so healthy. I can't even remember what chocolate tastes like let alone when I last had any!

Stephen and Jane left to begin work in the army today. I wish they didn't have to go.

5 years later......

4th June 1947
I'm glad Pa said that I could work on the farm now I've left school. It would be horrid to have to leave all the animals. I might only get paid £5 a week but it's better than spending all the daylight hours in a London office. That 's what Patricia had to do.

50 years later......

30th September 1999
Today I went to the local primary school to be interviewed about my experiences in the war. Looking back on my school days now I wish I'd made the most of them. They were definitely the best days of my life.

There is so much more traffic on the roads now, that's changed a lot. I think teachers aren't strict enough now but still children are much more mature now than they used to be. Television has stopped a lot of socialising because so much time is spent watching it. Overseas fruit is new as well such as bananas.

In the 1940's you were able to go out on your own at a much earlier age without having to worry about people lurking all over the place. You could feel a lot freer then. Overall I think it was better in the 1940's.

Based on an interview with Audrey Breeze.

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